Christmas Stockings


Shepherd’s Bush Stockings

Charm Packs
Fabric 50 x 70 piece 18 count Linen Lambswool
18 count Floba


Charland's Stocking


Anna's Stocking

Bertie's Stocking

Brett's Stocking

Charles' Stocking

Christian's Stocking

Elizabeth's Stocking

Harry's Stocking

Jefferey's Stocking

Jillian's Stocking

Mary's Stocking

Peter's Stocking

Reed's Stocking

Robert's Stocking

Sadie's Stocking

Sheree's Stocking

Sophie's Stocking

Teri's Stocking

Tina's Stocking


Thomas' Stocking

Shepherd's Bush Charms

Shepherd's Bush Fabric


Please ring, fax or email your order to:

  • The Embroiderer
  • 140 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead, Auckland
  • Phone: 09 419-0900
  • Fax: 09 480-0901
  • Email:

Postage rates. Small envelope $1.00. Large envelope $2.00. Small packet $4.00. Other packages at standard postal rate.
Courier service available if required. Please ask.

All prices are in NZ dollars.

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Disclaimer: All prices are subject to currency fluctuations and may change at any time.